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Bendable Glasses Unisex - Pre Order


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bendable sunglasses pink and mint
black bendable sunglasses
green and orange bendable sunglasses
yellow and blue bendable sunglasses
red and white bendable sunglasses
yellow and pink bendable sunglasses
Bendable Glasses Unisex - Pre Order

No more breaks, no more tears!

We all know that sometimes our kids can get a bit rough with their belongings. It becomes frustrating as parents having to always replace some of their important items, such as sunglasses.

These baby and children's sunglasses are absolutely phenomenal! Not only are they stylish and UV400 polarised, they are virtually impossible to snap! These glasses are made with such a soft plastic, that no matter how your little one twist, bends and flicks it, it is extremely hard to break! 

No more worrying about forever replacing your little ones glasses anymore! 


Please note: These are NOT a toy and we do not recommend regular bending and twisting of the frame. The flexibility of these glasses are precautionary only and are not built for excessive force. 

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